Is Canvas The Best Material For Frame Tents?

There are many types of tents to choose from depending on what your needs are and what your budget is, but one very popular style of tent is a frame tent.  This tent style includes a frame that is typically constructed from aluminum poles on which material is draped over and across the poles to create the tent structure.  The nice thing about this style is that it is very roomy inside since the pole frame structure creates walls and a roof that provides more interior space than some other tent models and even allows occupants to stand up inside the tent.

So what is the best material for these types of tents?  The two main options are canvas or nylon.  A canvas tent offers the benefit of being sturdier, warmer and more moisture resistant.  This is a great option for those that spend a lot of time in the tent or that go camping in very cold conditions.   One big drawback to these tents, however, is that they are very heavy so they are not easily transported, and setting them up requires extra work due to the weight of the canvas.

One example of a canvas tent is the famous tepee. You want to talk about canvas being heavy then this takes that award. Tepee is a kind of frame tent because you have many poles you lay out and then you tie the canvas to the top of the main pole and drape it over the rest of the poles. You can also stay very warm in a tepee because of the ability to vent out the top so you can make a fire in the middle. Having a fire in a tepee is a whole other ball game because smoke really becomes an issue if you don’t do it right.

Another option is nylon.  This is a lighter weight material than canvas but will not offer the warmth and protection that canvas will.  Nylon is easy to set up and transport because it is so light, and it also dries quickly because it does not retain as much water, but it will not keep you as warm or protect you from precipitation as well as the canvas material will.

Deciding on whether canvas or nylon is the best choice will depend in part on what your camping needs are, if you are not happy with them, you can read more tent reviews here.  If you are looking for portability and short term use, then you may opt for nylon, but if you need warmth or a more durable and long term structure, then canvas is probably the way to go.

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